When we say "Develop," we mean that we—
  • Help you find the right words
  • Flesh out your ideas
  • Edit and revise
  • Ghostwrite, if you prefer
  • Guide you all the way through
  • Demystify, simplify, enhance
  • Create original cover and text designs
  • Format your story for eBooks and print
  • Upgrade and refresh your existing projects
  • Offer marketing and publicity recommendations


You have something you want to say, messages to share—
  • You know that a book strengthens your professional platform
  • You want to leave a legacy of information about your life
  • You want to preserve the stories of relatives as a priceless gift for future generations.
  • You have a glimmer of a ghost of an idea, but lack the words to explain it properly
  • You have a book or other material you'd like to refresh
  • Your website needs attention


Or maybe it's not a book at all—
  • Maybe it's a program for a special event
  • A commemorative piece
  • A brochure or sales piece
  • A website
  • A legacy entry for a friend or loved one
  • A memoir with photographs
  • Family history for a reunion
  • Recipe collection with stories