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About Us

From ideas through manuscript, formatting and cover design, websites and marketing recommendations, our collaboration brings decades of experience to your project.

Anita Garner

Writer/Development Editor/Ghostwriter/Coach

Some of the most fulfilling work I do is helping others find the right words to tell their stories. As a content producer, I know which questions to ask to bring out your best. I've helped produce memoirs, how-to books, novels, children's books, glossy commemorative books, biographies, motivational articles, brochures, sales materials, and just about anything else that contains words.


I'm a former ad agency owner, a broadcaster, writer and producer of syndicated programming and commentary. My short story, "Still Life" is featured in the "Saturday Evening Post 2015 Great American Fiction Anthology." My story, "Hank Williams Was A Friend Of Mine" won a John Steinbeck Short Story Award and a Marin County Artist Grant. My play, "The Glory Road" has had several staged readings in Los Angeles and is ready for production.

Steve Bradford

Design/Graphics/Formatting/Website Development

My expertise lies in the crossover from the creative to the technical. I'll lay out your project, convert your images to acceptable file specs, integrate the graphics into the book, and, with your input, develop front and back covers. Together, we'll format the entire manuscript--fonts, spacing, chapter heads and all the other elements that are important in helping to convey the feel of the story you're telling.


As the owner of an independent audio production studio since 1986, I have developed award-winning writing and audio for national syndication and advertising. If your project involves audio we're uniquely qualified to help you with the technical obstacles. My commercial services have, for many years, also included graphic design and website development. I also have a background in visual arts and regularly show my work in galleries.